CRM integration for consistent marketing & sale

Consistent customer data in the CRM tool and the marketing tool is essential for a successful marketing campaign. Continuous reconciliation between tools and data formats brings some technical challenges:

  • Reliable connection to the involved tools
  • Uniform formatting of the data
  • Distinguish whether a record must be created or modified in the target
  • Detect duplicates

Data compatibility

With 1Gateway we address the challenges by:

  • Connecting involved tools with plugins
  • When a customer record gets either created or updated in the CRM tool, the information is sent to 1Gateway
  • The record than gets first standardized (normalized) before being sent to the marketing tool in the required format

Thanks to the standardization data is made compatible with other tools. Therefore, customer records are updated in one place only and get synced with its peers automatically.

architecture of a custom integration solution with 1Gateway

Better marketing and customer care

  • Consistent data across all tools involved

  • Improve efficiency due to automatic update

  • Data transparency across the business

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Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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