Ticketing integration to streamline “time to resolution”

Ticket synchronization across company boundaries, to streamline “time to resolution” and to meet service level agreement goals. However, the automatic exchange of tickets between clients and service providers presents some technical challenges:

  • Client and provider want to use their own established tool
  • Ticket assignment to the other party shall be done in your own tool
  • Public ticket comments must be kept up to date in all tools
  • On-boarding new participants for ticket exchange should be easy

Automatic ticket sync

We integrate disparate incident ticketing tools using the integration product 1Gateway. 1Gateway connects the data in a way that clients and service providers can hold on to their standards. Ticket information from a custom standard is normalized and enables easy integration with other standards or other vendor ticketing tools.

  • Standard plugins to connect to ticketing tools
  • Push or pull mechanism to retrieve ticket information
  • Synchronizes only what has been updated, not full ticket every time
  • Capability of incident enrichment from external sources e. g. CMDB
  • Low-code plugins for needs beyond standard
  • Wide range of interface support (e.g., Rest, SOAP, DB-queries, WebHook, JSON)
architecture of service desk sync solution with 1Gateway
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Reduce operational expenses with standardized Service Desk integration

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«Onboarding new customers has become much faster. We can reduce our operational costs due to improved stability and flexibility of the process.»

Mikael Ahlberg, Technical Manager
Customer Story

Streamline ticketing collaboration

  • Streamline ticket “time to resolution” due to real-time synchronization

  • Meet your service level agreement goal

  • Reduce effort to onboard new participants

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