Ticketing integration to optimize time-to-resolution

With seamless ticketing integration, we ensure a consistent process flow across system boundaries to optimize time-to-resolution. Consistent process flow entails:

  • Each support team utilizes its established tool
  • Ticket assignment to the external entity within the same tool
  • Ticket updates synced with all tools automatically
  • SLA performance to be measured by the established tool

Automatic synchronization

With 1Gateway, we solve these requirements as follows:

  • Standard plugins connect to the different products (REST, JSON, Webhook DB-Queries, etc.)
  • Field mapping for the different message formats
  • Message normalization to enable 1: N relationship
  • Data enrichment (i.e., CMDB) on its way to the destination

1Gateway flexible field mapping enables automatic ticket exchange. Decoupling the tools using standard plugins increases the overall solution stability and flexibility for tool extensions or replacements.

architecture of service desk sync solution with 1Gateway
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Reduce operational expenses with standardized Service Desk integration

portrait of customer mikael ahlberg

«Onboarding new customers has become much faster. We can reduce our operational costs due to improved stability and flexibility of the process.»

Mikael Ahlberg, Technical Manager

Reduce complexity

  • No more “swivel chair” switching between systems

  • Ticket status and responsibilities visible at any time

  • Common data basis for standardized SLA reporting

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Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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