Simplify integration of disparate IT tools

1Gateway is an integration product to connect disparate IT Management tools, to keep data accurate and complete across boundaries. 1Gateway connects data from your digital ecosystem to improve user experience, no developer needed.

1Gateway - Message flow diagram

1Gateway standardizes your message integration. This approach reduces the effort to connect tools and gains flexibility for new requirements. The key is in the normalization of the messages to enable the same data being sent to several tools. 1Gateway offers an attractive alternative to custom point-to-point integrations or challenging middleware solutions (ETL, ESB).

  • Operation of the solution requires minimal resources
  • Message standardization enables the use of the same data in different endpoints
  • Integration of disparate tools without developer expertise

Integration flexibility

  • Plugin concept: Out-of-the-box and low-code plugins for endpoint connectivity
  • Normalization: Transformation to normalized formats to use data multiple times
  • Reusable functions: Typical functions required in any integration are available by default
illustration of the 1Gateway product architecture


  • Simplicity to make integration costs predictable

  • Standardization to gain flexibility for new requirements

  • Modular architecture to improve user experience beyond company boundaries

Customer Statement

«With 1Gateway we can perform the migration gradually. This empowers us to identify issues early and minimize the associated risks.»

Dennis Barth, Business Engineer

customer logo infor

«Modular architecture, reusable plugins, and message normalization – 1Gateway is so flexible that only your imagination defines the limit.»

Mikael Ahlberg, Technical Manager

customer logo vbz

«I was immediately convinced 1Gateway is the perfect match because it can consolidate data from a wide variety of formats.»

Adrian Gomez, Systems and Maintenance Development Specialist Manager

customer logo canton aargau

«1Gateway works so well that we often forget in daily operations that we have a central data hub for application and service monitoring.»

Stefan Kaufmann, System Specialist

customer logo netstal

«Thanks to its high flexibility, 1Gateway expands our adaptability for operating our heterogeneous IT landscape.»

Stefan Winterberg, Head of IT

customer logo aXc

«1Gateway ensures data consistency in the aXc customer portal (SLA reporting), across various monitoring tools. At the same time, we standardize our data integration and deliver accurate information to IT operations.»

Christoph Marti, CEO & Partner

customer logo maxon motor ag

«New tools or changing parameters for us are no problem anymore, because with 1Gateway we are prepared.»

Markus Odermatt, System Engineer Corporate ICT Services

customer logo canton aargau

«The concept of 1Gateway is fascinating. Flexible mapping, in combination with individual routing, enables rapid, efficient implementation of new requirements.»

Maurizio Mastropietro, System Specialist

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SW Vendor

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We utilize 1Gateway for all integration requirements and partner with the SW vendor on the level of a competence center. Additionally, we take responsibility for partner management in Europe.


Single Pane of Glass, with data from different tools

Automatic ticket sync, optimizes time to resolution

Integrate third party sources, to keep the CMDB complete

Seamless Integration for unified marketing & sale


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