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Customer Stories

Reduce risks during an ITSM tool migration process

«The integration platform 1Gateway convinces with its flexibility in coping with the unexpected, as well as with its performance and stability. »

Narinard Tanvirat, Business Engineer

1Gateway allows to mitigate risks and identify issues early in the ITSM migration process.

Reduce operational costs in the customer on boarding process

portrait of customer mikael ahlberg

«Accelerated customer onboarding, coupled with enhanced integration stability and flexibility, lowers operational costs.»

Mikael Ahlberg, Technical Manager

The 1Gateway approach enhances data exchange stability, lowers operating costs, and boosts flexibility.

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Integration of the ecosystem to provide high service availability

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«The Acentix team works in a solution-oriented way. The team is always committed to ensuring an overall working solution.»

Markus Odermatt, System Engineer Corporate ICT-Services

Ensure high service availability to end users across more than 40 countries worldwide by leveraging data from multiple sources.

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Improved deployment planning with user-specific dashboards

portraet of customer juerg mueller

«1Gateway and Ceeview relieve the team. More time is left for the core task and deployment planning is made easier. Both tools are crucial for our daily business.»

Jürg Müller, Head of Systems and Maintenance Development

Automatic data consolidation reduces manual effort in day-to-day business and reduces the need for coordination in resource planning.

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Service monitoring to identify bottlenecks and impact on end users

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«Acentix has significantly helped to shape our target architecture with its methodology and the products 1Gateway and Ceeview.»

Maurizio Mastropietro, Head of Application Management

Visualizing status information from applications enables proactive action in the event of bottlenecks and improves transparency for the end user.

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Enterprise wide service monitoring for more operational stability

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«Acentix is ​​competent, reliable, and always acts solution-oriented. Their support is essential for us to operate service-oriented monitoring.»

Léonard Lipp, Deputy IT Manager

Early detection of application bottlenecks and their impact on service is essential for reliable operation in a global environment.

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Flexible solutions expand the spectrum of possible actions

portraet of the customer stefan winterberg

«Acentix is proving to be a valuable sparring partner, with broad expertise and extensive experience in various IT domains from which we benefit.»

Stefan Winterberg, Head of IT

Utilizing flexible software combined with an effective methodology enables the machine manufacturer to manage a heterogeneous system landscape.

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End-to-end monitoring for 24/7 availability where it matters most

portrait of customer thomas elz

«To address our needs, Acentix always has the solution in mind and goes beyond component level. Our partnership is based on openness, fairness, and professionalism.»

Thomas Elz, Team Leader AES, Schutz & Rettung Zürich

To implement the end-to-end philosophy for application and infrastructure monitoring, a single point of information becomes essential.

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