Ranorex is a tool that tests the functionality of an application from the user’s perspective using automated GUI interactions. Ranorex Studio is used as a GUI test automation tool for desktop, web and mobile applications. A recorder with drag-drop functionality allows automation scripts to be created without programming skills. Scripts from end-to-end tests can be recorded and edited manually if necessary.

test report of a ranorex script shown in the ranorex studio application

Test scripts are ideal for the periodic monitoring of a wide variety of applications from an end-user perspective. Ranorex logs the results of the scripts executed, such as incorrect execution and the duration of individual steps.

This makes Ranorex the ideal solution for synthetic end-user monitoring. Whether cloud or on-premises, the applications is verified from end-to-end. Thanks to standard logging, it is possible to seamlessly integrate data points into an enterprise-wide solution. Therefore, availability and possible delays of the applications from an end-user perspective are recognized in a timely manner in your central monitoring system.


  • Monitoring cloud & on-premises applications from the end-user perspective

  • Menu-driven easy creation of test scripts

  • Seamless integration in a corporate monitoring or reporting tool with 1Gateway

SW Vendor

logo ranorex

Ranorex provides innovative software testing solutions used by over 4,000 companies worldwide to deliver high-quality desktop, web, and mobile applications. With a full set of tools for easy no-code automation plus a full IDE and open API, Ranorex makes it possible to automate tests for the most challenging legacy applications as well as the latest web and mobile technologies. Ranorex is a division of Idera, Inc.



Data from various sources consolidated in a single pane of glass


Incident synchronization across boundaries is carried out automatically


Accurate and consistent data leads the way to a single point of truth



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