Ranorex is a tool that tests the functionality of an application from the user’s perspective using automated GUI interactions. Ranorex Studio is used as a GUI test automation tool for desktop, web and mobile applications. A recorder with drag-drop functionality allows automation scripts to be created without programming skills. Scripts from end-to-end tests can be recorded and edited manually if necessary.

test report of a ranorex script shown in the ranorex studio application

Test scripts are ideal for the periodic monitoring of a wide variety of applications from an end-user perspective. Ranorex logs the results of the scripts executed, such as incorrect execution and the duration of individual steps.

This makes Ranorex the ideal solution for synthetic end-user monitoring. Whether cloud or on-premises, the applications is verified from end-to-end. Thanks to standard logging, it is possible to seamlessly integrate data points into an enterprise-wide solution. Therefore, availability and possible delays of the applications from an end-user perspective are recognized in a timely manner in your central monitoring system.


  • Monitoring cloud & on-premises applications from the end-user perspective

  • Menu-driven easy creation of test scripts

  • Seamless integration in a corporate monitoring or reporting tool with 1Gateway

SW Vendor

logo ranorex

Ranorex provides innovative software testing solutions used by over 4,000 companies worldwide to deliver high-quality desktop, web, and mobile applications. With a full set of tools for easy no-code automation plus a full IDE and open API, Ranorex makes it possible to automate tests for the most challenging legacy applications as well as the latest web and mobile technologies. Ranorex is a division of Idera, Inc.


Single Pane of Glass, with data from different tools

Automatic ticket sync, optimizes time to resolution

Integrate third party sources, to keep the CMDB complete

Seamless Integration for unified marketing & sale


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