Holistic view of on-premises and cloud environment

A product portfolio that gives you most flexibility to build your monitoring solution. Both management and IT organizations benefit from:

  • Recognition of bottlenecks and their impact on availability and performance

  • Value-add existing products through integration and automation

  • Single pane of glass to understand the status of relevant IT Services from any place at any time

Customer Statement

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«Acentix is ​​competent, reliable, and always acts solution-oriented. Their support is essential for us to operate service-oriented monitoring.»

Léonard Lipp, Deputy IT Manager, Eugster/Frismag AG
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«Acentix has significantly helped to shape our target architecture with its methodology and the products 1Gateway and Ceeview.»

Maurizio Mastropietro, System Specialist, Canton Aargau
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«The Acentix team works in a solution-oriented way. The team is always committed to ensuring an overall working solution.»

Markus Odermatt, System Engineer Corporate ICT-Services, maxon
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«To address our needs, Acentix always has the solution in mind and goes beyond component level. Our partnership is based on openness, fairness, and professionalism.»

Thomas Elz, Team Leader AES, Schutz & Rettung Zürich

Use Cases

Service Management

Prioritize incidents through process-oriented alignment of IT & business

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Recognize malfunctions and consequences
Optimize incident management

Operation Management

Recognize bottlenecks and understand their impact on availability and performance

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Decision basis for departments
Single pane of glass for heterogeneous IT

About us

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We support our customers in the design, implementation and operation of a monitoring solution to improve the availability and quality of their IT Services. Expertise and experience combined with flexible products are the foundation of creative customer solutions.



The strengths of the organization and its products make your desired monitoring solution feasible. Our methodology supports the implementation of your unified monitoring solution.



In-between a desirable and a feasible solution stands the possibility of the organization and the products. Our methodology supports you on implementing your unified monitoring solution.


Product Portfolio

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Integration out-of-the-box

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Service Management

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Infrastructure Monitoring

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Synthetic E2E Monitoring

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Automation Platform