Improve user experience with IT tool integration

With the 1Gateway product, we improve the user experience by facilitating seamless data exchange between different IT Management tools. Our solution effectively handles diverse data formats to make them look the same across products and organizations.

  • Connect tools beyond organization boundaries

  • 1Gateway available in the cloud or on-premises

  • Low code data integration, no developer needed

  • Methodology support for demanding projects

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Monitoring Integration

Monitoring Integration for improved user experience

Monitoring integration contributes to an improved user experience and paves the way for better decisions. Data from multiple sources and formats are unified to be displayed in dashboards of your choice.

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Ticketing Integration

Ticketing Integration to optimize time-to-resolution

Escalating incidents to external support organization lead to costly double entries, unclear responsibilities, and impossible SLA. Ticketing integration seamlessly connects different tools and enables an efficient ticketing exchange.


CMDB Integration

CMDB Integration for a consistent asset database

Having a consistent asset database is crucial for effectively assessing the situation in the event of an incident. CMDB integration ensures that assets from an ecosystem are automatically and regularly updated in the central CMDB.

Custom Integration

Seamless integration for consistent marketing & sale

Launching a marketing campaign or identifying additional sales potential is based on up-to-date master data. When data is collected in different organizations or products, our integration ensures data consistency among the products.

1Gateway simplifies the integration of disparate tools

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1Gateway message integration product connects IT management tools, to keep data accurate and complete beyond company boundaries.

  • Bi-directional integration for “1 to many” up to “many to many” tools
  • Out-of-the-box features to address typical integration challenges
  • Low-code offerings to tailor requirements beyond standard
  • Light-weight architecture for a simple on-premises setup too, if required

Success factor methodology

Acentix service principle

A structured approach is an important factor for a successful IT project. Our methodology supports the alignment of tools and skills to make an implementation successful. Acentix principle has originated from several years of experience providing solutions to customers.

The journey from problem to solution

An assessment enables the mental transition from a problem-oriented to a solution-oriented view, essential to work on tangible value for the end user.

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The journey from desire to reality

Our maturity model helps understand customer expectations, to identify the challenges between technology and organization capabilities early.

maturity model showing different level of integration maturity

The journey from concept to operation

We bring know-how, experience, and social skills to the table, to transform a concept into an operational solution.

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Customer Statements

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«Acentix demonstrates competence, reliability, and a strong focus on solutions. Their support is essential for our service-oriented monitoring operations.»

Léonard Lipp, Deputy IT Manager, Eugster/Frismag AG
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«Acentix has played a pivotal role in shaping our target architecture through their methodology and the products 1Gateway and Ceeview.»

Maurizio Mastropietro, System Specialist, Canton Aargau
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«Acentix’s proposed solution, leveraging 1Gateway as a flexible integration platform, proved to be the deciding factor in meeting the core requirements of our project.»

Jürg Müller, Head of Systems and Maintenance Development, VBZ
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«Acentix is a valuable sparring partner for us. We greatly leverage the extensive expertise and years of experience from our integration partner across a wide range of IT domains.»

Stefan Winterberg, Head of IT, Netstal
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«The Acentix team consistently adopts a solution-oriented approach, ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive working solution at all times.»

Markus Odermatt, System Engineer Corporate ICT-Services, maxon
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«Acentix consistently considers solutions that go beyond individual components to address our needs. Our partnership is founded on openness, fairness, and professionalism.»

Thomas Elz, Team Leader AES, Schutz & Rettung Zürich