Keep CIs accurate and consistent

Your Incident process relies on accurate CMDB information, but your CI Information is spread across the enterprise in different tools. These needs typically result in the following requirements:

  • Collect CI information from disparate tools
  • Filter definition to selectively address CI-Attributes for sync
  • Automatic update when there are changes
  • Management to avoid duplicate data in CMDB

Seamless integration with tools of your choice

With 1Gateway, we connect various external tools to your CMDB. The data is configured to meet the CMDB required format. Incoming data will automatically create a new CI or update existing CI with the latest information from the ecosystem.

  • Wide range of interface support to connect disparate tools, e.g., REST, SOAP, DB-Queries, WebHook, JSON
  • Field mapping to meet CMDB required data format
  • Matching rules to avoid duplicates in CMDB
architecture of cmdb integration solution with 1Gateway

Changes available in real-time

  • Integrity of CI Information across the enterprise

  • Professional Incident management due to an accurate CMDB

  • Avoid duplicated CIs due to verification before manipulation

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Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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