CMDB integration for consistent asset database

With the CMDB integration, we assure the availability of a consistent database for all support organizations. In case of an incident, a more complete picture empowers better decisions. However, the automatic data ingestion from external third-party sources presents some technical challenges:

  • Reliable connection to different external sources
  • Customize the selection and the format of data to ingest
  • Automatic CI update when there is a change
  • Mechanism to avoid duplicates in your CMDB

Automatic synchronization

With 1Gateway, we solve these challenges as follows:

  • Standard plugins to connect to CMDB and external products (REST, JSON, Webhook DB-Queries, etc.)
  • Filter mechanism to select the data to be retrieved
  • Matching rules to avoid duplicates

1Gateway automatically syncs data from external products with the CMDB of your choice. Incoming data is first verified to understand whether the ingest is an “update” or “create”. Then the data format gets mapped to meet the CMDB required format before ingestion.

architecture of cmdb integration solution with 1Gateway

CMDB single point of truth

  • Better decisions due to accurate data

  • Eliminate manual tasks due to automatic sync

  • Reduce effort by reducing duplicated data

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Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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