Resolve Actions Express

Optimize and reduce IT costs and at the same time improve quality? That sounds like a contradiction. But with the innovative automation solution Resolve Actions Express (ayehu) you achieve exactly this effect.

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With Resolve Actions Express, orchestrating and automating any IT workflow becomes easy. A lean “agentless” architecture and interfaces to an ecosystem allow an easy embedding in an existing environment. Typical integration examples are:

  • Monitoring System – Trigger a recovery workflow based on a monitoring event/alarm
  • Incident Management – trigger corrective action across system boundaries
  • Self-Service Portal – End users can themselves initiate routine tasks such as password reset


  • Workflows can be audited using logging

  • Human control over workflow approvals at any time thanks to chatbots etc.

  • No programming skills required because of drag-and-drop technology

SW Vendor

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Resolve Actions Express (formerly ayehu) is a light-weight product for IT process automation. The agentless architecture allows for easy implementation of requirements and seamless integration into an existing environment.



Data from various sources consolidated in a single pane of glass


Incident synchronization across boundaries is carried out automatically


Accurate and consistent data leads the way to a single point of truth



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