Unified Infrastructure Management

CA/Broadcom Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) provides over 150 out-of-the-box probes for monitoring. A solid bus architecture with a publish / subscribe concept and comprehensive alarm management capabilities make UIM a flexible data collector for your unified monitoring solution.

ca uim service manager openend in a browser on a desktop computer

The large number of probes simplifies the standardized monitoring of IT objects. The publish / subscribe mechanism makes it possible to integrate various monitoring data from third-party products.

Templating automates the configuration of the various probes.

With the comprehensive alarm server, you assign alarms to various escalation groups depending on time, message and frequency.


  • Flexible Alarm Management

  • Solid and innovative bus architecture

  • High level of automation when onboarding new components

SW Vendor

logo ca a broadcom company

CA/Broadcom provides management solutions for complex IT environments. Acentix partners with CA/Broadcom in conjunction with the agile and powerful monitoring software DX Infrastructure (formerly CA UIM, Nimsoft).



Data from various sources consolidated in a single pane of glass


Incident synchronization across boundaries is carried out automatically


Accurate and consistent data leads the way to a single point of truth



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