IT Monitoring integration for improved user experience

Personalized information improves the user experience and leads to better decision-making. However, the data integration from different tools with different formats presents some technical challenges:

  • Reliable connection to different tools
  • Standardize data format to provide a personalized experience
  • Realtime data synchronization
  • Minimal modifications to accommodate new requirements

Message normalization

With 1Gateway, we solve these challenges as follows:

  • Standard plugins connect to the different products (REST, JSON, Webhook DB-Queries, etc.)
  • Push/Pull mechanism for handling product capabilities
  • Filtering of data for individual selection
  • Field mapping for personalized information

1Gateway enables real-time integration of different monitoring data. Using filter and mapping functionality, the data gets standardized and forwarded to a personalized dashboard.

architecture of a holistic view solution with 1Gateway
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Flexible data consolidation feeds our status dashboard and improves our resource planning

portraet of customer juerg mueller

«Automatic data correlation and status visualization relives the service team from routine duties and facilitates the operational planning.»

Jürg Müller, Head of system and maintenance development

Know what is happening in your IT landscape

  • Personalized information to understand dependencies

  • Comparable data to identify trends

  • Dynamically extensible without configuration

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Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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