Single Pane of Glass with data from different tools

Integration of IT monitoring data into a common Dashboard enables the end user to understand what is happening in their landscape. However, the data integration from different tools, with different formats presents some technical challenges:

  • Reliable Connection to different sources
  • Standardize data formats to meet end-user needs
  • Ensure accurate and complete data
  • Minimal adjustments for new requirements

Code-free integration

We integrate different monitoring data in real-time using the integration product 1Gateway. 1Gateway standardizes the data so it becomes comparable in the dashboard of your choice (e.g., Grafana). Data filter and field mapping techniques offer the flexibility to deal with different data formats, no developer needed.

  • Standard plugins to connect different tools
  • Data Normalization (standard) to extend with additional tools easy
  • Filters to select only the data that is needed
  • Push or Pull mechanism to accommodate the different tools
  • Low-code plugins for needs beyond standard
  • Wide range of interface support (e.g., Rest, SOAP, DB-queries, WebHook, JSON
architecture of a holistic view solution with 1Gateway
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Flexible data consolidation feeds our status dashboard and improves our resource planning

portraet of customer juerg mueller

«Automatic data correlation and status visualization relives the service team from routine duties and facilitates the operational planning.»

Jürg Müller, Head of system and maintenance development

Understand what is happening in your landscape

  • Comparable data in a single pane of glass, to recognize dependencies

  • Real-time integration, to keep data accurate and complete

  • Consolidate data from different tools code-free, no developer is needed

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More solutions

Incident synchronization across boundaries is carried out automatically

Accurate and consistent data leads the way to a single point of truth


Would you like to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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