Data sync across boundaries

As a Managed Service Provider, you need to standardize and automate the process to exchange incident information with your customers. These needs typical result in the following requirements:

  • You and your clients want to use your own established tool
  • Incident assignment shall be done in the corresponding tool
  • Incidents must be kept up to date on both sides during the resolution cycle
  • Onboarding new customer should be made easy

Automatic update your peer

We connect disparate Service-Desk tools with the integration software 1Gateway. Standardization and field mappings facilitate an automatic Incident synchronization across system boundaries. 1Gateway offers the flexibility to cope with the challenges to keep incidents in sync without developer know-how.

  • Wide range of interface support to connect disparate tools, e.g., REST, SOAP, DB-Queries, WebHook, JSON
  • Push or pull mechanism to ensure data accuracy
  • Incident information enrichment, lookups from external sources, e.g., CMDB
  • Data normalization to allow for 1-n relations to several customer tools
architecture of service desk sync solution with 1Gateway
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Reduce operational expenses with standardized Service Desk integration

portrait of customer mikael ahlberg

«Onboarding new customers has become much faster. We can reduce our operational costs due to improved stability and flexibility of the process.»

Mikael Ahlberg, Technical Manager
Customer Story

Efficient client onboarding

  • Shorten ticket resolution time due to real-time synchronization

  • Minimized effort to onboard new customer due to standardization

  • Consistent SLA reporting assured in every product

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